Missy B’s Story

Female 2I posted my weird symptoms on a holistic Doctors page because I had been having autoimmune symptoms for years with no explanation. I took two doses of Cipro and went into a deadly allergic reaction. I thought my body had never fully recovered and I was experiencing PTSD from almost dying on the way to the hospital. Little did I know that the Anyphalactic Shock saved me from being disabled for life. The doctor and his colleagues told me to… See full story

Carrie J’s Story

Female 4One year ago in Oct. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I was prescribed generic Levaquin. On just day 3 of taking it, I started experiencing leg pain. I thought I was coming down with a virus. On day 6 of taking it, when my legs kept getting worse and not better I went on the internet and read about side affects from this medicine. I realized that my leg pain/achiness was from the antibiotic. I decided not to… See full story

Edna R’s Story

Female 1I was floxed October,2013. I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia by blood draw and chest X-ray. I had been on Zpack and was given steriod shot and then prescribed levafloxin 750 m. The script was for 5 tablets. Day 1 I took the tablet with evening meal. I had trouble sleeping and felt “jittery” so day 2 I took tablet with noon meal. Day 3 I got up and my legs felt achy. I was waiting on the doctors office… See full story

Cassie M’s Story

Female 2My experience started with a complaint of stomach pains and diarrhea. Going into an Urgent Care facility, where I was prescribed Metronidazol. Then made an appointment with my regular doctor, once I’d finished the prescription and the pain continued. Not knowing what was causing it and the doctor tossing around ideas of what it could be, I agreed to try another antibiotic “Cipro”, coupled with a higher dose of metronidazol. This was in August 2012. Within an hour of taking… See full story

Denise S’s Story

female_1On October 4th I started to feel like I was getting a bladder infection. I couldn’t get into a doctor because I had just got new insurance and my wait time was over 2 months. I could however go to urgent care. I went the doctor was rushed. Appeared as though I was wasting her time. She said I had blood in my urine but no infection. All week I was in agony and went back to urgent care on… See full story

Judy W’s Story

Female 2I took Avelox many years ago just 1 and my life has been a living hell, i got cyst on my thyroid, liver, kidneys,, was bed-fast for 8 months, vit d deficiency, sooo tired all the time my life was over in a day nerve and muscle damage, bad part is doctors will not admit it was the drug.… See full story

Traci W’s Story

Female 1On 10/31/2011 I was prescribed a 500mg 7 day supply of ciprofloxacin for a UTI that has altered my life drastically. My doctor didn’t mention any warning on side effects not even the possible tendon ruptures. During the course of of taking ciprofloxacin the first thing I noticed was how incredibly weak my body felt and the fatigue that hit so hard I couldn’t keep myself awake for anything, not even work. I would sleep for days, calling into the… See full story

Gail A’s Story

Female 2I was diagnosed with slight moderate COPD about 15 years ago. I felt fine, worked everyday, was able to do everything I wanted to do, so like a fool I continued to smoke. Several years later I made up my mind that it was time to stop smoking. With the help of an e-cigarette, I was able to stop smoking 4 years ago. Tada! My lung function was 68% that of a normal person my age, height, and weight. Life… See full story