Jamie B’s Story

Female 1I fell in Dec. 2001 and shattered my knee. Six months later, I had developed a super staph infection (Staphylococci with Clusters) in the bones of my leg. It was life threatening. I was place on Levaquin for 5 years. My sense of smell diminished and I still suffer brain fog. I thought it was a side effect of pain killers. I threw them away. I had suffered with numbness in my arms and legs and was off balance. I… See full story

Trudy K’s Story

Female 2In October of 2014 I went to the doctor with a suspected UTI. I was prescribed 500 mg. of Cipro for 7 days. After the fourth day, I could barely walk, my teeth were in extreme pain, I was unable to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night and it turned out, when the urine tests came back, there was no UTI! I ended up having 2 emergency root canals and one extraction. Before the Cipro, my teeth were fine!… See full story

Mrs. A’s Story

female_1In November 2011, I was given levofloxacin (generic Levaquin) 750 mg for a common condition — which wound up being a misdiagnosis. I only took five pills before I couldn’t walk without a cane. The excruciating tendon pain in my Achilles tendon, knee tendons (front and back sides of knees), shoulder and even forearm tendons, plus pain in what felt like connective tissue between my heart and left lung, heart arrhythmia, and major joints clicking and popping were frightening to… See full story