Terry L’s Story

Female 1I had a suspected UTI and was given a prescription for CIPRO (was not tested for UTI). After taking seven days of CIPRO, I still had symptoms of UTI and was given a prescription for LEVAQUIN. I had taken the first pill, no problems. I took the second pill and went to bed. I was up and out of bed within five minutes with extreme pain in my wrists. The tendons were pulling so hard I thought they were going… See full story

Elizabeth A’s Story

Female 4In the spring of 2015, I had yet another UTI. I went to a urologist who wanted to give me Cipro. I asked if there was another option and he said NO. I now realize that wasn’t true at all. Urologists love to give Cipro out for UTI’s. Since I believed him that there were no other options, I proceeded to take the medication. I had been having chronic UTI’s for nearly a decade and I had noticed that when… See full story

Wendy Y’s Story

Female 2My Levaquin story…the short version. The Levaquin story is mine as well. I am a substitute teacher and a single Mom and Grandmother. I am lucky if I can push through the pain and work even two days a week. I can’t pay my bills. My youngest daughter is 13 ..she is a cheerleader, a red belt in Muy Tai Kwan Do and active in drama currently in rehearsals for another musical. I cannot attend most of her games to… See full story