Michelle H’s Story

Female 2I was given Cipro IV in the emergency department at Legacy Emanuel Hospital without informed consent because my appendix ruptured, then after I was given morphine and admitted to the surgical ward, a nurse persuaded me to agree to Cipro IV without offering alternatives or explaining the risks. The only risk I was informed of was of “a slight possibility of achilles rupture, but only in athletes and people over 60”. I did not have a fever and my abscess… See full story

Debbie T’s Story

Female 1I had Kaiser-Permanente when I lived in Vancouver, WA 7/2005-9/2010. I was having chronic sinus infections and was being prescribed Avelox all the time. Finally, an ENT surgeon decided to fix my deviated septum and correct a sinus cavity that wasn’t draining properly. I was put on a 2-week dose of Avelox commencing 3 days before surgery. This was in June. In August, I awoke one morning with excruciating pain in my right shoulder; I literally could not lift or… See full story