Debbie K’s Story

Female 2I wanted the opportunity to tell my story because it is the story for many, many, many people worldwide and it seems so many of them have no voice because they don’t even know or they don’t understand what ails them – they are denied even that dignity very often by the medical fraternity. In June 2012, I was given a 5 day course of Cipro for a mild UTI. At that point I was 51 years old, in excellent… See full story

Denise M’s Story

Female 4I have suffered with UTI’s for most of my life, and have been prescribed anti biotics often during this time. I don’t know how often in this time I have been prescribed Fluoroquinolones but know that I have definitely been prescribed Ciprobay often with no adverse effect. In 2014, I was prescribed Tivanic and asked my Dr to please never give it to me again because I felt ill while I was taking it. I was prescribed it again a… See full story

Veronica V’s Story

female_1I took 1x CiproBay 500mg pill for 3 days for a UTI. 2 weeks later after a Pilates class my right knee swelled up and the leg would not straighten or bend. After an MRI I was started on Celebrex for suspected arthritis. 2 weeks later after a short hike I could hardly walk or stand. My legs felt like I had just completed a marathon at all times. I had a strange “dead” feeling in my thighs. I could… See full story