Michelle W’s Story

Female 4Hi, my name is Michelle W. In March of this year I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was prescribed Levofloxacin along with prednisone. Within days, a week at the most, my left leg swelled to the point that I could barely walk, and my foot felt like it was going to rip open. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t know to suspect the Levofloxacin. I began running weird fevers and having bouts of sweating that continue… See full story

Eileen O’s Story

female_1I am a full time RN with a full time job doing active animal rescue and I had 11 dogs living on my 2acre property when I initially, though 100percent healthy became violently and nearly terminally I’ll in a few hours time. In breaking up a fight between two new cats I was accidentally bitten quite severely on my right thumb joint. It was a very deep laceration into the joint and swelled immediately. Knowing how serious thes bites are… See full story

Kerry T’s Story

female_1I was given the Fluoroquinolone Levaquin in july/august of 2004 for what was believed to be pneumonia and a colon infection. Within about 3 days of starting the meds, I began having a weird pressure sensation in my head…almost like being under water except the pressure was inside my skull. The pressure continued for a day or so, so i went to my doctor to have it checked. He ran blood tests and checked my thyroid, and nothing was found.… See full story

Tami S’s Story

Female 2In Oct, 2014 I was recovering from the flu. It went into my chest and I knew I had pneumonia. I called my PCP and told her. She was on-call and not in her office so she asked if I had taken Levaquin before, I told her I did not know. She said, “that was best for fighting pneumonia” yet never said a word about the (Black Box Warning) She called it into my local pharmacy. 10 pills at 750… See full story