Lois G’s Story

Female 1In August of 2014 I had hip replacement surgery. I went to rehab after that for three weeks. When in the hospital I got an UTI. I have a history of having a lot of them but had not had one for a year before going to the hospital. I honestly do not know what they gave me for it. After being in rehab for a couple of weeks I got another one but still don’t know what they gave… See full story

Talona P’s Story

Female 8Hello, My name is Talona P. I am 66 yrs old. I have been damaged by Fluoroquinolones. 50 years of good health before being introduced to Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics (FQ) causing many side effects associated after using: *** FQ EYE DROPS – Cleared up eye infection. Up side: I didn’t need eye glasses for 3 or 4 years. Down side: Floaters, electric like static circling outer edge of eyes closed (not detected in eye exam). Questionable Cataracts. I refused surgery because… See full story

Diane O’s Story

female_1In December 2003 I was a healthy 47 year old woman with no medical problems other than occasional heartburn. I was rarely ill until LEVAQUIN. The following is my story and what I have been through since being prescribed LEVAQUIN. In December 2003, I had an upper respiratory infection for which I was prescribed LEVAQUIN. At that time I recovered but became ill again in January 2004. The following are dates that I was prescribed LEVAQUIN. Following that are the… See full story

Marguerite L’s Story

Female 2I was given Levaquin by the PA in my ENT’s office for an infection in my nose. Thirty minutes after taking the last dose on January 12, 2014, I had hives on my face and my hands and feet began to swell. I went to the ER and by the time I was seen, I could barely walk. As I laid on the stretcher, I wondered how in the world I could have had an allergic reaction on the final… See full story

Roseanne T’s Story

female_1On May 3, 2015 I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given a prescription for Levafloxicin, 500 mg, for what turned out to be a viral infection. After 6 pills, I woke up in the night gasping for breath. I went back to the doctor and was told I still had bronchitis and was given a shot of Prednisone. After that, all hell broke loose. I began having episodes of shortness of breath, spiking blood pressure, racing heart, anxiety, tremors, weakness… See full story

Keith W’s Story

Male 2I have no way to tell this story but to start at the beginning. My husband Keith, had been feeling very bad, and through a series of visiting the dr was diagnosed with severe bilateral pneumonia, with a lung mass, and placed in the hospital for a week. He was sent home with continued IV antibiotics, which I was administering at home. You see, I am a Paramedic, and have many years experience in EMS and felt comfortable taking care… See full story

Denise B’s Story

female_1In 2001 I told my doctor I get a bad reaction to cipro & amoxicillin. I had a lung infection. He gave me a drug from the same drug class & I went into a severe reaction shock . Couldn’t breathe, heart palpitations, total body ache, digestive problems. I spent 3 weeks in bed with above symptoms. The doctor said when I quit the pills, the symptoms would go away. Some of them did. I still can’t digest my food… See full story

Linda P’s Story

Female 215 yrs ago at 51 yrs. old had appendicitis. Rushed to hospital. They failed to diagnose from Friday A.M. until Sunday night! Meanwhile, my appendix burst. Infection travelled throughout abdomen. Cipro, Levaquin, NSAID’s given repeatedly until a surgeon recognized severe sideeffects and multiple neuropathies within 2 weeks after Appendectomy. I had C Diff diagnosed and it took a full year for me to recover from the ordeal. Recovery does NOT include having my health back! It just means that I… See full story

Joseph R’s Story

Male 2My name is Joseph and my life was changed last year in July 2014. I have been a very strong and active person my entire life. I loved to run and workout 5 out of 7 days a week. I enjoyed playing outside with my boys with football, baseball and basketball. I wasn’t feeling well and went into a clinic where I found out I had a UTI. The doctor prescribed me Levaquin as an antibiotic to combat the infection.… See full story

Linda L’s Story

Female 1December 30, 2011 I was told I had a kidney stone and was scheduled to have a procedure done to see if there were any other problems. I was given a handful of Levaquin samples to take for 7 days. I changed doctors and had several tests done during the whole year of 2012 ,while the kidney stone continued to get bigger. December 28,2012 I had a procedure to surgically remove the stone and had a stent for 7 days.… See full story