David C’s Story

male_1In the Fall of 2008 I was prescribed Avelox for a sinus infection. Prior to this I was in good shape. Avidly worked out, swam, hiked, ran, biked, etc. I was active duty Navy at the time. While I didn’t have an acute reaction to the Avelox, my health declined rapidly over the following months and years. Severe muscle cramps, muscle wastage, muscle twitching, memory and cognitive issues. A review of my medical record showed that I had at least… See full story

Zoe C’s Story

Female 4It was an unseasonably warm and lovely February weekend. A college friend flew in from Chicago for a brief visit, and we drove up in his rental car together to spend the night in Seattle. Earlier, our daughter had driven some 80 miles up to Ballard to spend Valentine‚Äôs Day with her boyfriend. We met up with them late Saturday afternoon in the lovely gardens near the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, then spent a delightful evening wandering around downtown Ballard.… See full story

Jana W’s Story

Female 2Up until 2012, I had been a vigorous mountain climber and equestrian. Worked full time in the medical field so that I could play hard. I ran a small boarding stable as well on my property. Cipro was initially given to me in 2006. However, I did not connect it to the plantar pains that subsequently developed shortly thereafter. Thinking that orthotics could help, I tried some, and they did. After this resolved, I went to climb in the Himalayan… See full story

David R’s Story

male_1I took 30 pills of 500mg Ciprofloxacin in 2005 before they made me sick. A year later one pill sent me to Urgent care walk in. Rapid heart beat pain all over ears ringing blurred vision sensitivity to light. Noted as allergic reaction to on records. 2010 I was given a 750 mg injection in my IV. I was comatose 7 days. In undiscribable pain with tachycardia hives cross eyed grinding teeth caused dental damage. Then symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy… See full story

Nancy W’s Story

Female 2I am 66 years old. My FQ story started 10 years ago, in 2005, when I developed diverticulitis for the first time. The nightmare began right away. I developed severe left belly pain during the night, and went right to the doctor. I was sent for a CT scan, which, I was told, showed diverticulitis, and I was told to go straight to the hospital, that I needed to be on IV antibiotics. What the radiologist failed to do was… See full story

Gail D’s Story

Female 1I started taking quinolones in college when I had occasional bladder infections. I never had any issues with Noroxin. Once I had a severe sun sensitivity and first degree burns over most of my body. That drug they eventually removed from the market for that very reason. As an adult I took Ciprofloxacin numerous times without incident. However once in my late 30’s I took a some and developed stiffness in both my Achilles tendons. This was before the black… See full story

Patricia B’s Story

female_1I was under Dr. care for stage 3 breast cancer when I had my first blood clot which was treated but I devoloped a infection when they removed my mediport and the wound didnt heal so i was on 1000mg of cipro and complained about the pain was so bad i could not move my right leg,Dr then put me on leviquin 1000mg the pain became worse still he would not take me off the drug untill my leg gave… See full story

Dave R’s Story

Male 2I have a long story and having trouble entering it here would like to send my docs or PTF email or mmesskage cipro destroyed my life financially it has hurt my family putting so much extra heavy load on my wife she had to do double work we have 8 kids 11 grandkids I first took cipro in 2005 I had a severe reaction to it in 2006 didn’t know my health issues were related to the cipro after that… See full story