Mary M’s Story

Female 1My nightmare started April 9,2014 I was very healthy I worked out, ate right took very good care of myself. I went in for a routine colonoscopy. I told them I was NOT cleaned out twice but they assured me I would be fine. I aspirated during the procedure then I ended up with aspirated pneumonia they were going to release me but I ended up with infection. They put me on 2 bags of 400 Cipro never told me… See full story

Shara C’s Story

Female 2Hey I am 41 years old, mother of 2. At age 39 I was fit and healthy. Lifted weighs, I was weight 124.. 5foot. I took 1 pill of CIPRO March 7, 2013. Took at 7pm by 11:00pm my body was on fire. Symptoms, nausea, panic attack, insomnia , electric shock, tingling and numbness, hands and feet would go numb, loss weight , loss appetite, suicidal, weakness, food intolerance, burning skin, blurry vision, dizziness crying episodes . Went to ER… See full story