Kelly N’s Story

Female 4In 2007, at the very young age of 21, I was prescribed the toxic antibiotic known as Levaquin. I was just graduating college to work with people with mental and physical disabilities, little did I know that levaquin would soon leave me permanently disabled. My adult life was just beginning when Levaquin took my health, and more importantly much of my future. Not all side effects are short term…especially not with the toxicity caused by this class of drugs. Levaquin… See full story

Erica G’s Story

Female 4I was put on Cipro about 16 years ago when I had my sixth UTI in a year and my ob/gyn sent me to a urologist. I had an upper and lower GI done and ultrasound and MRI in 1/2010 and if my memory serves me I was dealing with the problem for a while. I thought it was a food intolerance and it would kinda come and go. My symptoms were pain very low just above pubic bone area… See full story

Kathryn B’s Story

female_1My problems first began after having two minor outpatient surgeries in 2009. After both of these surgeries I had severe panic attacks after returning home from the hospital that caused me to black out after hallucinating about dying. I could also hardly talk, and my tongue was hanging strangely from my mouth as if I couldn’t control it. An ambulance returned me to the ER. The doctors thought I had a reaction to a medication, but because of the cocktail… See full story

Gail D’s Story

Female 1I started taking quinolones in college when I had occasional bladder infections. I never had any issues with Noroxin. Once I had a severe sun sensitivity and first degree burns over most of my body. That drug they eventually removed from the market for that very reason. As an adult I took Ciprofloxacin numerous times without incident. However once in my late 30’s I took a some and developed stiffness in both my Achilles tendons. This was before the black… See full story