Michael K’s Story

male_1Summary: Levaquin damaged my Mitochondria and Autonomic Nervous System causing significant issue across most of my organs and systems and unspeakable pain that lasts to this day. My list of concurrent symptoms covers most of my major systems and is far too long to list here. After the initial reaction, my issues quickly progressed to my being predominantly bed-ridden for the first 18 mos. 6 months of which my body was usually too weak to produce a voice or move… See full story

Christabelle C’s Story

Female 8In February 2014, I was prescribed 750mg of Levofloxacin for 5 days for suspected bronchitis that was lingering. After the 3rd pill, I started to feel “off” and not myself with general malaise. Then, I woke up in the middle of the night after my last dose unable to speak, with numbness from head to toe and my heart pounding, thinking I was having a heart attack. My husband rushed me to the ER, and my heart rate and blood… See full story

Cassie M’s Story

Female 2My experience started with a complaint of stomach pains and diarrhea. Going into an Urgent Care facility, where I was prescribed Metronidazol. Then made an appointment with my regular doctor, once I’d finished the prescription and the pain continued. Not knowing what was causing it and the doctor tossing around ideas of what it could be, I agreed to try another antibiotic “Cipro”, coupled with a higher dose of metronidazol. This was in August 2012. Within an hour of taking… See full story

Andrew H’s Story

male_1My name is Andrew Hunter. I’m a 34 year old father of 4. I’ve been a very active, healthy person all my life. I go to the gym 3 times a week. I’m a mechanic by trade. I’m very active with my family and I help anyone when I can. All of this was a true statement up until last month…. After a 2 week course of the fluoroquinolone Levofloxacin, I could barely stand…. I went from bench pressing 350… See full story