Missy B’s Story

Female 2I posted my weird symptoms on a holistic Doctors page because I had been having autoimmune symptoms for years with no explanation. I took two doses of Cipro and went into a deadly allergic reaction. I thought my body had never fully recovered and I was experiencing PTSD from almost dying on the way to the hospital. Little did I know that the Anyphalactic Shock saved me from being disabled for life. The doctor and his colleagues told me to… See full story

Vera R’s Story

female_1My name is Vera R. I took Cipro in 2007 for bladder infection. I stopped taking after first pill because I got alergic reaction. Yes, Cipro is crazily strong, my bladder infection was gone in half hour after taking first pill. It gave me brain fog instantly, my thighs were itching, i got hives, zits on my back. Fallowing days,I started getting anxiety(three or four times I had at night), I lost appetite, weight. I was sick every day for… See full story

Denise B’s Story

female_1In 2001 I told my doctor I get a bad reaction to cipro & amoxicillin. I had a lung infection. He gave me a drug from the same drug class & I went into a severe reaction shock . Couldn’t breathe, heart palpitations, total body ache, digestive problems. I spent 3 weeks in bed with above symptoms. The doctor said when I quit the pills, the symptoms would go away. Some of them did. I still can’t digest my food… See full story

Jennifer H’s Story

Female 1My nightmare started in September if 2014 when I was prescribed Levaquin & Prednisone for a stubborn sinus infection at the age of 38. I ended up still needing surgery to drain my sinus and followed up with two more rounds of Cipro. My life and health declined quickly there after. I started to get burning sensations I. My hands and feet. My husband could barely touch me as I was barely handling the clothes on my body touching me.… See full story