Shara C’s Story

Female 2Hey I am 41 years old, mother of 2. At age 39 I was fit and healthy. Lifted weighs, I was weight 124.. 5foot. I took 1 pill of CIPRO March 7, 2013. Took at 7pm by 11:00pm my body was on fire. Symptoms, nausea, panic attack, insomnia , electric shock, tingling and numbness, hands and feet would go numb, loss weight , loss appetite, suicidal, weakness, food intolerance, burning skin, blurry vision, dizziness crying episodes . Went to ER… See full story

Kerry T’s Story

female_1I was given the Fluoroquinolone Levaquin in july/august of 2004 for what was believed to be pneumonia and a colon infection. Within about 3 days of starting the meds, I began having a weird pressure sensation in my head…almost like being under water except the pressure was inside my skull. The pressure continued for a day or so, so i went to my doctor to have it checked. He ran blood tests and checked my thyroid, and nothing was found.… See full story