Elizabeth C’s Story

Female 2I was given FQ from 2004-2006 for bronchitis/sinus infection. I was working full time, married, caring for my daughter. I enjoyed helping in my daughters school, going to parks/hiking on the weekends. By 2008 I was disabled, bed bound, in pain 24/7. I had to leave my career and required assist with personal care. I developed a painful neuropathy in both legs from the knee down causing several falls over the years, one of which fractured my tail bone. I… See full story

Laura L’s Story

Female 8My story begins at the age of 40 and a trip to an after hours health clinic. I had a urinary tract infection and was prescribed Cipro. Seven days into the ten day script, I felt a funny tingling sensation in my right leg. That progressed to both legs and both arms and went from tingling to a very painful cold, burning. I am now 49 years old and the cold burning is STILL there. In addition, I’ve got severe… See full story

Louise S’s Story

Female 2In May, 2012, I took 2 Ciprofloxacin for a sinus infection. I expressed concerns to my doctor regarding the musculoskeletal side effects as I was very active, running 3 or more days per week. He assured me that there wasn’t any recommendation to stop exercise while taking Cipro so I followed his advice and continued my normal exercise routine. Unfortunately, the doctor had not done his research despite providing the recommendation and I was injured while running. MRI confirmed damage… See full story

Patricia K’s Story

Female 1In January of 2008, I was still recovering from a bout of bronchitis that had turned into a walking pneumonia. It started with a sinus infection right before the holidays and the long hours and holiday stress made it worse. The doctor had me on amoxicillin and it didn’t help. So, he decided it was time for Levaquin. I got the prescription on a Thursday after work, took one pill around 6 PM. By 8 PM I was getting a… See full story