Margie L’s Story

Female 8I will be happy to share my experience with Cipro. I never really knew there was a connection between fibromyalgia and these antibiotics until I read a message board where others seemed to think they were responsible for their illness. I had a hysterectomy and bladder repair surgery in 1996. Because of a supra- pubic catheter that was in place for 6 weeks, I developed a UTI. After I had problems tolerating two other antibiotics, my doctor prescribed Cipro. The… See full story

Sabrina R’s Story

Female 4On Friday Dec 20th 2013 I went to the Dr for a UTI problem. I was prescribed Cipro 500mg one pill twice daily I started taking it Saturday morning on the 21st. By my 6th dose Monday the evening of the 23rd I started having hip and knee issues with movement. I looked thru the side effects and at the very bottom was could cause tendon issues etc…. The next morning Dec 24th I called my Dr and he said… See full story

Patty A’s Story

Female 1My story began with severe,chronic leg and foot cramps which began about 1998. I had had a motor vehicle accident two years before, so any symptoms that began I attributed it to the accident, plus getting older. I had a job where I needed to be on my feet all night doing heavy physical work. I had four children to attend to plus a home and a yard to take care of. I could handle anything when I was healthy,… See full story

Joseph A’s Story

Male 2Two years ago I took a drug called Ciprofloxacin for a suspected prostatitis. Even though all the test showed I did not have an infection, the urologist wanted me to take this antibiotic “just in case”. Half way through the course I had what I can only describe as an explosion in my body. My vision went blurry, major pain in my eyes and head, massive tinnitus in both ears, loss of my sense of smell and taste, and burning… See full story

Tami S’s Story

Female 2In Oct, 2014 I was recovering from the flu. It went into my chest and I knew I had pneumonia. I called my PCP and told her. She was on-call and not in her office so she asked if I had taken Levaquin before, I told her I did not know. She said, “that was best for fighting pneumonia” yet never said a word about the (Black Box Warning) She called it into my local pharmacy. 10 pills at 750… See full story

Brook B’s Story

Female 2I use to be a very energetic person who loved life to its fullest, I loved to run with my dogs, bike, hike, kayak pretty much anything to stay moving and be outside… that is until my life changed the fall of 2012.On 9/5/2012 I developed a strange painful rash that did have a bull eyes appearance on my back that I had looked at by a docter on 9/6/2012. He told me I had shingles or possibly Cellulitis and… See full story

Traci W’s Story

Female 1On 10/31/2011 I was prescribed a 500mg 7 day supply of ciprofloxacin for a UTI that has altered my life drastically. My doctor didn’t mention any warning on side effects not even the possible tendon ruptures. During the course of of taking ciprofloxacin the first thing I noticed was how incredibly weak my body felt and the fatigue that hit so hard I couldn’t keep myself awake for anything, not even work. I would sleep for days, calling into the… See full story