Diane O’s Story

female_1In December 2003 I was a healthy 47 year old woman with no medical problems other than occasional heartburn. I was rarely ill until LEVAQUIN. The following is my story and what I have been through since being prescribed LEVAQUIN. In December 2003, I had an upper respiratory infection for which I was prescribed LEVAQUIN. At that time I recovered but became ill again in January 2004. The following are dates that I was prescribed LEVAQUIN. Following that are the… See full story

Amy B’s Story

Female 1 Poisoned multiple times by FQs but majorly at age 47 and last early 2011. In 2008, I was given a few courses of Fluoroquinolone (FQ) Antibiotics (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox) for uncultured presumptive sinus and ear infections. Neither the Urgent Care doctors nor the pharmacists mentioned any potential side effects. While taking the drugs, I noticed a slight soreness in my calves but, by December 2008, I had the following symptoms and did not make the connection: wall climbing anxiety (given… See full story

Jodi G’s Story

Female 2my names Jodi, I am 52 I was into physical fitness my entire life. at 49 i was given cipro for a recurring uti. i was on and off for 2 years, over 200 pills. in that time i began having knee problems really bad,not connecting it and still taking cipro then i got an autommune disease and i got this weird rash and eyes twitching, it got worse i got surgery on my knee even though the mri showed… See full story

Sheila K’s Story

Female 2My name is Sheila K. I am presently 50 years old. I am married, and we have 3 children. In May of 2010, Dr.H became our family GP. When we went to our “intake” appointment I told him I was having problems with; lower abdominal pain, night sweats, nausea and vomiting. I told him that many of my issues were longstanding problems. In September of 2011, after Dr. H had run many test, and come up with nothing, he diagnosed… See full story