Sandra H’s Story

Female 2I have a friend who has been telling me that she is dealing with some side effects of “quin”. When she mentioned tendon pain, my ears perked up. I have been dealing with tendon pain in my ankles for the past few years, as well as “pins and needles” in my lower legs and in my feet. I have also have PVD in both eyes, and my coccyx feels bruised so I can no longer ride a bike and sometimes… See full story

Debbie K’s Story

Female 2I wanted the opportunity to tell my story because it is the story for many, many, many people worldwide and it seems so many of them have no voice because they don’t even know or they don’t understand what ails them – they are denied even that dignity very often by the medical fraternity. In June 2012, I was given a 5 day course of Cipro for a mild UTI. At that point I was 51 years old, in excellent… See full story

Terry L’s Story

Female 1I had a suspected UTI and was given a prescription for CIPRO (was not tested for UTI). After taking seven days of CIPRO, I still had symptoms of UTI and was given a prescription for LEVAQUIN. I had taken the first pill, no problems. I took the second pill and went to bed. I was up and out of bed within five minutes with extreme pain in my wrists. The tendons were pulling so hard I thought they were going… See full story

Larry A’s Story

Male 2August 28,2009 , I was a 51 year old self employed c-store owner/operator of 33 years, husband of 33 years, father of two sons. Life was not perfect but it was good. I had diabetes type 2 that I took oral medication for but that was all. I had developed neuropathy in my feet but did not take medication for this. I had experienced some mild depression due to the death of my mother and a close friend and had… See full story

Jana W’s Story

Female 2Up until 2012, I had been a vigorous mountain climber and equestrian. Worked full time in the medical field so that I could play hard. I ran a small boarding stable as well on my property. Cipro was initially given to me in 2006. However, I did not connect it to the plantar pains that subsequently developed shortly thereafter. Thinking that orthotics could help, I tried some, and they did. After this resolved, I went to climb in the Himalayan… See full story

Michelle H’s Story

Female 2I was given Cipro IV in the emergency department at Legacy Emanuel Hospital without informed consent because my appendix ruptured, then after I was given morphine and admitted to the surgical ward, a nurse persuaded me to agree to Cipro IV without offering alternatives or explaining the risks. The only risk I was informed of was of “a slight possibility of achilles rupture, but only in athletes and people over 60”. I did not have a fever and my abscess… See full story

Mary M’s Story

Female 1My nightmare started April 9,2014 I was very healthy I worked out, ate right took very good care of myself. I went in for a routine colonoscopy. I told them I was NOT cleaned out twice but they assured me I would be fine. I aspirated during the procedure then I ended up with aspirated pneumonia they were going to release me but I ended up with infection. They put me on 2 bags of 400 Cipro never told me… See full story

Linda P’s Story

Female 215 yrs ago at 51 yrs. old had appendicitis. Rushed to hospital. They failed to diagnose from Friday A.M. until Sunday night! Meanwhile, my appendix burst. Infection travelled throughout abdomen. Cipro, Levaquin, NSAID’s given repeatedly until a surgeon recognized severe sideeffects and multiple neuropathies within 2 weeks after Appendectomy. I had C Diff diagnosed and it took a full year for me to recover from the ordeal. Recovery does NOT include having my health back! It just means that I… See full story