Debbie K’s Story

Female 1In May of 2016 I was in the hospital with double pneumonia , They started giving me the usual IV fluids along with IV ” LEVAQUIN ” .About halfway through the first bag I started to notice upper limb pain , primarily in my shoulders and biceps . I was hospitalized for 4 days in which they administered numerous IV doses of Levaquin During my stay I experienced (along with the upper limb pain ) hallucinations , very vivid nightmares… See full story

Joyce W’s Story

Female 4I took a total of 3 cipro for a commom uti. Swelling started in my left knee then right hand was on fire I couldn’t walk or go to bathroom on my own so I went to my local er and they immediately gave me morphene and ran tests said I was having a reaction and sent me home with pain pills. Then the next two days were hell. I couldn’t walk I was suffering like nothing I have ever… See full story

Debbie O’s Story

Female 1I was given levaquin in February 2013 for a sinus infection,500 mg. dose to be taken for 10 the eighth day of taking them I had severe pain in both shoulders,when I called my doctor I was informed to continue for the next two days until gone and that my shoulder issues were not related to the the tenth and final day of taking the levaquin the pain in my shoulders became more severe and I could not… See full story

Dudley S’s Story

Male 2In 2007 i was given Cipro for a prostate infection that i later found out i never had, I never had any infection at all. I took 500mg 2 x day for 1 month. Within 1 week i was experiencing side effects but the Dr persuaded me to continue with them. By the second week i was having major anxiety,depression,weakness,insomnia,irritability,and derealisation, depersonalisation.along with many more to many to mention. I was also told to take nsaids with them that i… See full story

Judy W’s Story

Female 2I took Avelox many years ago just 1 and my life has been a living hell, i got cyst on my thyroid, liver, kidneys,, was bed-fast for 8 months, vit d deficiency, sooo tired all the time my life was over in a day nerve and muscle damage, bad part is doctors will not admit it was the drug.… See full story