Marianne C’s Story

Female 1My name is Marianne and on April 11, 2017 I was given 500mg of Ciprofloxin for a sinus infection. Because my ears were very plugged my doctor also decided to give me a shot of Steroids. After taking 6 pills I had an immediate severe allergic reaction. My skin on my arms, chest, and face turned bright red. It looked like I had been in the sun for days, however I never even went outside. My skin was hot to… See full story

Karen M’s Story

Female 8It was January 2010 I decided to have a long overdue hemmoroid surgery. It was to be out patient surgery. The Dr asked what reaction I had to keflex . I told him and he said he would use Levaquin. He stared at me like I should know something. He also knew the surgery was to get me back on 3 horses a day not one. I was released and went home. I starting bleeding out passed out 3 times… See full story

David R’s Story

male_1I took 30 pills of 500mg Ciprofloxacin in 2005 before they made me sick. A year later one pill sent me to Urgent care walk in. Rapid heart beat pain all over ears ringing blurred vision sensitivity to light. Noted as allergic reaction to on records. 2010 I was given a 750 mg injection in my IV. I was comatose 7 days. In undiscribable pain with tachycardia hives cross eyed grinding teeth caused dental damage. Then symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy… See full story

Trudy K’s Story

Female 2In October of 2014 I went to the doctor with a suspected UTI. I was prescribed 500 mg. of Cipro for 7 days. After the fourth day, I could barely walk, my teeth were in extreme pain, I was unable to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night and it turned out, when the urine tests came back, there was no UTI! I ended up having 2 emergency root canals and one extraction. Before the Cipro, my teeth were fine!… See full story

Nancy W’s Story

Female 2I am 66 years old. My FQ story started 10 years ago, in 2005, when I developed diverticulitis for the first time. The nightmare began right away. I developed severe left belly pain during the night, and went right to the doctor. I was sent for a CT scan, which, I was told, showed diverticulitis, and I was told to go straight to the hospital, that I needed to be on IV antibiotics. What the radiologist failed to do was… See full story

Mary C’s Story

female_1I was diagnosed with severe peripheral neuropathy in 2008 and have lived with constant pain – 24/7 – the pain is always there — in the nerve endings, muscles and tendons. I had been researching all the meds that I took following an major abdominal infection at that time. It was definitely apparent that my pain and symptoms were drug side effects at the time but my searching was fruitless. I recently came across the references to Levaquin and Cipro… See full story

Linda L’s Story

Female 1December 30, 2011 I was told I had a kidney stone and was scheduled to have a procedure done to see if there were any other problems. I was given a handful of Levaquin samples to take for 7 days. I changed doctors and had several tests done during the whole year of 2012 ,while the kidney stone continued to get bigger. December 28,2012 I had a procedure to surgically remove the stone and had a stent for 7 days.… See full story

Mrs. A’s Story

female_1In November 2011, I was given levofloxacin (generic Levaquin) 750 mg for a common condition — which wound up being a misdiagnosis. I only took five pills before I couldn’t walk without a cane. The excruciating tendon pain in my Achilles tendon, knee tendons (front and back sides of knees), shoulder and even forearm tendons, plus pain in what felt like connective tissue between my heart and left lung, heart arrhythmia, and major joints clicking and popping were frightening to… See full story