Candice F’s Story

Female 1February 2016 began with a chronic upper respiratory infection that was not responding to amoxicillin 10 day course. Dr prescribed the Zpack and Flonase A week after completing these I was not better in fact I was worse. Symptoms now include light headed dizzy and chest pains making it extremely difficult to breath. Visit to the hospital Emergency department included a chest X-ray that diagnosed a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Began albuterol nebulizer treatments, prednisone and levoquin. Sent home to… See full story

Cheryl J’s Story

Female 8My “Wall of Pain” began in July 2014. I was prescribed Levofloxin for sinus congestion. Within 2-3 days I started having some pain in my fingers and shoulders. I was told that the medicine could rarely cause some achillies pain so I did not connect it to the pain I was having. I took ibuprofen along with the levofloxin, not knowing that made reactions worse. By the 6th pill, I had extreme pain in both shoulders,all my fingers and both… See full story

Kathleen A’s Story

Female 1I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin on 9/1/11. I was 59 years old at the time. I am a female with one kidney. My doctor prescribed this antibiotic for a bladder infection. After taking 5 pills (250mg) , I was in severe pain throughout my body. I returned to the doctor. After tests for Lupus, Lyme, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc all came back negative, the doctor did say it may have been the antibiotic. The next few years were hard. I had frozen… See full story

James W’s Story

male_1On Oct 30th 2011 I was giving Cipro 500mg 3 aday for 7 days for cellulitis and tenosynovitis. On Nov 4 I began feeling pain in my right shoulder on Nov 10 I put slight pressure on my left wrist and there was a pop.a lump rose up on my hand.Went to Emory Internal Medicine of Newton County I was seen by Dr Carter Gibson for intense pain in my left wrist /my ulnicorpal joint ,right medial elbow.and right subacromial… See full story