Keith W’s Story

Male 2I have no way to tell this story but to start at the beginning. My husband Keith, had been feeling very bad, and through a series of visiting the dr was diagnosed with severe bilateral pneumonia, with a lung mass, and placed in the hospital for a week. He was sent home with continued IV antibiotics, which I was administering at home. You see, I am a Paramedic, and have many years experience in EMS and felt comfortable taking care… See full story

Miriam V’s Story

Female 1The holiday resort doctor insisted I would take antibiotics for a middle ear infection and mild sinusitis. I remember I asked him, can’t we wait? (I did not have a fever yet, just night sweats.) I was in pain and did not feel well. I was not familiar with the fluoroquinolones antibiotics. But having lived in the tropics I knew in some (semi) tropical countries there is a lot of resistance because of over use of antibiotics. The doctor assured… See full story