Dee J’s Story

Female 2I was a normal, moderately active person….a young 62 year old, I was often told. That all changed on Saturday, September 7, 2013, the third day of taking an antibiotic. Around 11:00 am I walked outside to do some light yard work. I was feeling good. By 12:00 pm….one hour later I had to crawl my way back into my house. Feeling crippled and 20 years older. What had I done? I swept the sidewalk, potted some plants, and pulled… See full story

Eileen O’s Story

female_1I am a full time RN with a full time job doing active animal rescue and I had 11 dogs living on my 2acre property when I initially, though 100percent healthy became violently and nearly terminally I’ll in a few hours time. In breaking up a fight between two new cats I was accidentally bitten quite severely on my right thumb joint. It was a very deep laceration into the joint and swelled immediately. Knowing how serious thes bites are… See full story

Sherry R’s Story

Female 2Believe it or not, it has been over 17 years since I put two and two together that I was a victim of being “Floxed”! In May of 1997 after a hysterectomy and being discharged from the hospital at the ripe old age of 46, I became quite ill two days later and was back in the hospital with an unknown infection. For 5 days I was IV’d and for 5 days I thought I was going to die. Every… See full story

Jane P’s Story

Female 2Little did I know 8 years ago that my life would change so much and permanently at that. The simple trusting action of taking 5 day’s worth of 750 mg. Leviquin as my Doctor suggested it for an infection did it. Day One, I started having symptoms different than anything else that I had felt. I itched all over the place. Day Two, itching plus more itching, followed on Day Three by a drumming sound that went on 24/7 in… See full story