Edna R’s Story

Female 1I was floxed October,2013. I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia by blood draw and chest X-ray. I had been on Zpack and was given steriod shot and then prescribed levafloxin 750 m. The script was for 5 tablets. Day 1 I took the tablet with evening meal. I had trouble sleeping and felt “jittery” so day 2 I took tablet with noon meal. Day 3 I got up and my legs felt achy. I was waiting on the doctors office… See full story

Virginia K’s Story

Female 1Oct. 2008 I went into an ER with a suspected sinus infection…..immediately given an EKG…all was fine. Then I was advised I needed to go on 2 weeks of IV Levaquin…..The first few drips of the IV, sent me into whole body pain, and lost the use of my legs….sent home in a wheelchair. The nurses came to my house for the next 4 nights and rehooked up the IV Levaquin. I complained of weak legs, pain, brain fog…no one… See full story