Lucinda K’s Story

female_1I am now 39 years old and I have numerous issues going on with my body I have degenerative bone disease and muscle spasms through out my body I have Joint pain in my toes fingers and knees and hips I have taken Cipro and Levofloxacin numerous times before I found out about any of these black box warnings there are days when I don’t have energy to move out of my own way my head pops I have a… See full story

Greg S’s Story

male_1In 2009 I was very healthy. I commuted to work by bicycle, worked out at the gym 2-3x per week, and I hiked regularly (I had just hiked the 8,000 ft peak of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park the summer before), but I am typing this seated on the couch… the same position I’ve been in since March, 2010. Why? Because now virtually every tendon, ligament, and nerve in my body has been damaged by the antibiotic Cipro. In… See full story

Linda P’s Story

Female 215 yrs ago at 51 yrs. old had appendicitis. Rushed to hospital. They failed to diagnose from Friday A.M. until Sunday night! Meanwhile, my appendix burst. Infection travelled throughout abdomen. Cipro, Levaquin, NSAID’s given repeatedly until a surgeon recognized severe sideeffects and multiple neuropathies within 2 weeks after Appendectomy. I had C Diff diagnosed and it took a full year for me to recover from the ordeal. Recovery does NOT include having my health back! It just means that I… See full story

Mary C’s Story

female_1I was diagnosed with severe peripheral neuropathy in 2008 and have lived with constant pain – 24/7 – the pain is always there — in the nerve endings, muscles and tendons. I had been researching all the meds that I took following an major abdominal infection at that time. It was definitely apparent that my pain and symptoms were drug side effects at the time but my searching was fruitless. I recently came across the references to Levaquin and Cipro… See full story

Joseph A’s Story

Male 2Two years ago I took a drug called Ciprofloxacin for a suspected prostatitis. Even though all the test showed I did not have an infection, the urologist wanted me to take this antibiotic “just in case”. Half way through the course I had what I can only describe as an explosion in my body. My vision went blurry, major pain in my eyes and head, massive tinnitus in both ears, loss of my sense of smell and taste, and burning… See full story

Denise S’s Story

female_1On October 4th I started to feel like I was getting a bladder infection. I couldn’t get into a doctor because I had just got new insurance and my wait time was over 2 months. I could however go to urgent care. I went the doctor was rushed. Appeared as though I was wasting her time. She said I had blood in my urine but no infection. All week I was in agony and went back to urgent care on… See full story

Donna V’s Story

Female 1I was given Ciprofloxacin on April 4, 2012 for a UTI at the ER. I started having the feeling of mania and psychosis by the next day yet dismissed it thinking it was caused by starting a taper that week from Clonazepam. By the 7th pill it got so intense I thought I was going mad so I stopped taking it. I reinstated back to original dose of Clonazepam, got on computer and started researching, horrified in reading that taking… See full story

Sum M’s Story

Female 1In November of 2013 and quite abruptly, the life I had known took a drastic turn. Unbeknownst to me and unable to pinpoint, an unrecognizable flame on a slow burn fuse had been carelessly lit that year. This fuse … saturated with oxidization was negotiating a path through my body, preparing for a pyrotechnics show of vast proportions. When it reached its end the bomb exploded in my entire body, affecting every system, every sub-system. I am still removing pieces… See full story

Kimberly K’s Story

female_1I took my first round of Ciprofloxin during my trip to Egypt in 1996. I took my second week of Ciprofloxin a week after finishing the first round. My stomach ailments were resoled. All was well. I got pregnant soon after and noticed my first symptoms when I was 6 weeks pregnant. (It is not uncommon for the first symptoms of fluoroquinolone toxicity to wait two months before appearing.) My symptoms came on strong and stayed strong all through two… See full story

Brook B’s Story

Female 2I use to be a very energetic person who loved life to its fullest, I loved to run with my dogs, bike, hike, kayak pretty much anything to stay moving and be outside… that is until my life changed the fall of 2012.On 9/5/2012 I developed a strange painful rash that did have a bull eyes appearance on my back that I had looked at by a docter on 9/6/2012. He told me I had shingles or possibly Cellulitis and… See full story