Cindi M’s Story

female_1I have been prescribed Cipro and other Fluoroquinolones for various infections (mostly sinus or UTI’s). After I started taking them, I had several incidents of problems with my Achilles tendons. I was not aware of any problems with taking Fluroquinolones and Achilles tendon issues until my podiatrist told me about them. Unfortunately, Cipro was the best antibiotic for treating my recurring UTI’s. In addition to problems with my Achilles tendons, I also developed terrible fatigue with joint pain. After many… See full story

Traci W’s Story

Female 1On 10/31/2011 I was prescribed a 500mg 7 day supply of ciprofloxacin for a UTI that has altered my life drastically. My doctor didn’t mention any warning on side effects not even the possible tendon ruptures. During the course of of taking ciprofloxacin the first thing I noticed was how incredibly weak my body felt and the fatigue that hit so hard I couldn’t keep myself awake for anything, not even work. I would sleep for days, calling into the… See full story

Patricia B’s Story

female_1I was under Dr. care for stage 3 breast cancer when I had my first blood clot which was treated but I devoloped a infection when they removed my mediport and the wound didnt heal so i was on 1000mg of cipro and complained about the pain was so bad i could not move my right leg,Dr then put me on leviquin 1000mg the pain became worse still he would not take me off the drug untill my leg gave… See full story

Dave R’s Story

Male 2I have a long story and having trouble entering it here would like to send my docs or PTF email or mmesskage cipro destroyed my life financially it has hurt my family putting so much extra heavy load on my wife she had to do double work we have 8 kids 11 grandkids I first took cipro in 2005 I had a severe reaction to it in 2006 didn’t know my health issues were related to the cipro after that… See full story