David C’s Story

male_1In the Fall of 2008 I was prescribed Avelox for a sinus infection. Prior to this I was in good shape. Avidly worked out, swam, hiked, ran, biked, etc. I was active duty Navy at the time. While I didn’t have an acute reaction to the Avelox, my health declined rapidly over the following months and years. Severe muscle cramps, muscle wastage, muscle twitching, memory and cognitive issues. A review of my medical record showed that I had at least… See full story

Dennis S’ Story

Male 2Sadly, my story is just beginning. I was first given Levaquin in 2012 for a sinus infection and then later that year for a sinus infection. I had not a clue of the risks. Doctor or Pharmacist never said a word to me about the risks. No reactions or so I thought. The symptoms I had I attributed to over use injury or whatever. I am (was?) a skier, cycler, fly fisherman, hiker, and work out regularly. In 2016 I… See full story

John P’s Story

male_1I’m 56 now but 2 years ago Around April 2013 I went to the ER after my throat closed up and needed a hyeadial hernia repair. The afternoon of the quick repair I noticed an IV bag that I assumed was a saline solution. I didn’t ask what it was until the next day and that’s when they told me it was Levaquin. I didn’t know what it was sense they never told me other than what the name was… See full story

Larry A’s Story

Male 2August 28,2009 , I was a 51 year old self employed c-store owner/operator of 33 years, husband of 33 years, father of two sons. Life was not perfect but it was good. I had diabetes type 2 that I took oral medication for but that was all. I had developed neuropathy in my feet but did not take medication for this. I had experienced some mild depression due to the death of my mother and a close friend and had… See full story

Michael K’s Story

male_1Summary: Levaquin damaged my Mitochondria and Autonomic Nervous System causing significant issue across most of my organs and systems and unspeakable pain that lasts to this day. My list of concurrent symptoms covers most of my major systems and is far too long to list here. After the initial reaction, my issues quickly progressed to my being predominantly bed-ridden for the first 18 mos. 6 months of which my body was usually too weak to produce a voice or move… See full story

William W’s Story

Male 2NO WARNING WHAT-SO-EVER On February 27, 2015, I woke up in excruciating pain, knowing something was horribly, horribly wrong. I walked to the bathroom, each step sounding like I was breaking bones in my feet, crawled back to the bedroom and have been in a wheelchair 24/7 or in bed ever since. Just days before that, as a Minnesota band director, I had been named the Schmitt Music Company’s “2014-2015 Director of the Year”, a tremendous award given to the… See full story

Tim R’s Story

male_1I was on staff at the Cleveland Clinic as an acupuncturist when I was prescribed cipro for a bladder infection I acquired subsequent to a routine medical procedure. The physician insisted I take either bactrim (to which I had a documented allergy) or cipro though I told him repeatedly I wanted a safer antibiotic as I knew there was a warning on cipro for tendon damage. He refused any other alternatives – repeatedly. I took the cipro and crossed my… See full story

Shawn R’s Story

male_1I started taking ciprofloxacin on September 21, 2015 and ceased four days later. On the last day, I had trouble getting out of bed. I was extremely fatigued, disoriented and in pain.I also passed out in mid sentence. I decided after a day of these symptoms to stop taking ciprofloxacin. I called Dr. David Smith and let him know that I would discontinue taking ciprofloxacin because of the negative reaction my body was experiencing. He expressed that he was surprised… See full story

James W’s Story

male_1On Oct 30th 2011 I was giving Cipro 500mg 3 aday for 7 days for cellulitis and tenosynovitis. On Nov 4 I began feeling pain in my right shoulder on Nov 10 I put slight pressure on my left wrist and there was a pop.a lump rose up on my hand.Went to Emory Internal Medicine of Newton County I was seen by Dr Carter Gibson for intense pain in my left wrist /my ulnicorpal joint ,right medial elbow.and right subacromial… See full story

Dudley S’s Story

Male 2In 2007 i was given Cipro for a prostate infection that i later found out i never had, I never had any infection at all. I took 500mg 2 x day for 1 month. Within 1 week i was experiencing side effects but the Dr persuaded me to continue with them. By the second week i was having major anxiety,depression,weakness,insomnia,irritability,and derealisation, depersonalisation.along with many more to many to mention. I was also told to take nsaids with them that i… See full story