Elizabeth C’s Story

Female 2I was given FQ from 2004-2006 for bronchitis/sinus infection. I was working full time, married, caring for my daughter. I enjoyed helping in my daughters school, going to parks/hiking on the weekends. By 2008 I was disabled, bed bound, in pain 24/7. I had to leave my career and required assist with personal care. I developed a painful neuropathy in both legs from the knee down causing several falls over the years, one of which fractured my tail bone. I… See full story

Patty A’s Story

Female 1My story began with severe,chronic leg and foot cramps which began about 1998. I had had a motor vehicle accident two years before, so any symptoms that began I attributed it to the accident, plus getting older. I had a job where I needed to be on my feet all night doing heavy physical work. I had four children to attend to plus a home and a yard to take care of. I could handle anything when I was healthy,… See full story

Anum P’s Story

Female 1I went for a backache and got misdiagnosed for a UTI! My urine didn’t even show a UTI, only a *slightly elevated* white blood cell count. Anyways, the nurse warned me if I didn’t take the antibiotic, my condition would turn into a serious kidney problem. Trusting this, I took it. I took it for 3 days. First day, ankle starts swelling up, I get knee pain, and feel completely out of it. Second day, same thing. I thought to… See full story

Jeff F’s Story

Male 2I have a story….it is long and I have diplopia from this drug. It makes me dizzy to write and read . FLUOROQUINOLONES have destroyed my life. I have lost everything. My life has been in ruins for 6.5 years now…. from well of and healthy to crippled and broke almost overnight.… See full story